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In 1975, our nationwide professional association ...Textile..eV, Science - Resarch - Education was founded.
(Name at inception was Textile Teaching eV.)

  • Who will meet with us?

    We are a union an network of
    - teachers and students of all textile fields, from all types of education institutes in German-speaking countries
    - Associated members/ co-operating partners from textile industry and business; associations and clubs, museums and textile collections, as well as textile artists and galleries.

  • The association and its members ...

    ... Represent the interests of textile education in all German educational institutions,

    ... Generate projects with organizations and institutions in the textile field (in Germany and neighboring European countries),

    ... Promote creativity, textile competitions and hands-on activities,

    ... Offer meetings between science, research and education within the framework of symposia.

    undefinedobjectives of the association

    ... Meet to exchange,  provide training, encourage joint ventures etc in all regional commitees and federal trade conferences.



We are pleased to welcome new members and encourage active participation!

  • Do you want to become
    member of our association

    - fee
    (one year): free for students  ...

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  • Do you want to read
    our trade publication

    - identical title as our association

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  • Do you want to see
    our inspirations for textile teaching 

    - as idea or impulse ...

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